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Really Feely Baby An
Really Feely Baby An

Really Feely Baby Animals (NCP-9780241279724)

Really Feely Baby Animals,is a touch-and-feel baby animals book for preschoolers packed with fluffy patches, bumpy patterns, and tactile glitter, which little ones will find really fun and really feely!

Really Feely Baby Animals Özellikleri

Meet the cuddly kitten, the furry donkey foal, the puppy with a glittery ball, and other adorable baby animals on the five double-page spreads. Gentle text builds knowledge, and invites you to pat and tickle, as you find out each baby animal's name and learn about its features.

From the amazing, 3-D, raised-picture effect cover, to the incredibly tactile insides, Really Feely Baby Animals is beautifully made and sure to delight preschoolers.

Size: 16,3 x 17,4 cm

Pages: 12

Published: 30 Mar 2017

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