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Feel and Find Fun Dinosaurs (NCP-9780241196472)

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Feel and Find Fun Dinosaurs,Feel and find all your favourite dinosaurs in this great first dinosaur book for preschoolers


Artır Azalt

Feel and Find Fun Dinosaurs Özellikleri

Toddlers will love Feel and Find Fun Dinosaur! Let your toddler discover sharp teeth, long necks, horns, spikes and even feathers. The bright, bold front cover captures your toddlers attention while the surrounding textures encourages them to touch and feel. Every double page has a textured tab that preschoolers can touch, plus more touch-and-feel elements to explore on the page. Clear photographic and bold illustrative combination shows dinosaurs in context, each clearly named to encourage picture-and-word association.

Size: 17,6 x 21,1 cm

Pages: 14

Published: 01 Jul 2015