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DK Yayıncılık Pull the Tab Colours
Pull the Tab Colours
Pull the Tab Colours
Pull the Tab Colours
Pull the Tab Colours

DK Yayıncılık Pull the Tab Colours (NCP-9780241197424)

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Let your toddler discover the world of colours with Pull the Tab Colours!

Perfect for your toddler who's ready for more than just a simple object-based book. Pull the Tab Colours teaches your toddler about the different colours from the red flower to the blue boat, providing a fun learning experience.

Part of the Pull the Tab series, Pull the Tab Colours is perfect for introducing your child to colours and the difference between them.

Look at the pictures, read the words then pull the tabs to reveal picture surprises.

The pictures are objects of those colours so your child will be able to learn colours from common items they will see in their everyday life.

This book is perfect for you to share with your child to help them with early learning.

Perfect for toddlers who are ready to learn about colours!

  • Board book : 10 pages
  • 2-4 Years


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